Become Part of the Solution

The solution to homelessness is straightforward: housing.

And you — the private landlord, the property owner — are a key player in this solution.

As a landlord, you have a unique opportunity to support our community’s most vulnerable members and become a powerful player in our mission to end homelessness — all while benefiting with lower vacancy rates, consistent and timely rent payments, support for tenants, and more. 

At Changing Homelessness, our Housing Services team is dedicated to supporting you and your assets. We list properties in an exclusive, centralized online platform dedicated to affordable housing for everyone. We connect you to your tenants, and your tenants to your properties


If you are a landlord or property owner, and are interested in listing your available units in our centralized online platform, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a housing voucher?

A housing voucher is a subsidy for monthly rent. There are two big voucher programs in Jacksonville. Section 8 enables individuals and families to get a lease with private landlords or apartment complexes.

Another voucher program is HUD/VASH, which gives veterans rental assistance and support services. In both programs, a portion of rent is paid to the landlord by the federal government.

What is the difference between Section 8 and Continuum of Care housing programs?

Section 8 is the largest housing assistance program in Jacksonville. It provides a family a voucher they then take to a landlord they wish to work with. It helps low-income people choose quality housing and stabilize their families in a home. Once a family receives a voucher, they seek housing, secure a lease, and move in. Their voucher continues to subsidize their rent until life changes occur.

For many families, a Section 8 voucher is out of reach. In many cases, a person cannot pass a criminal background check. Continuum of Care programs help many people, regardless of their past mistakes.

Continuum of Care programs can:

  • Provide a security deposit
  • Pay past JEA bills
  • Provide a case manager who supports the individual or family after move-in
  • Subsidize monthly rent
  • Household items during move-in
  • Housing search assistance
  • Assist with moving costs
What are the benefits for landlords?

Some Continuum of Care programs:

  • Provide residents with monthly rental support
  • Provide a team for the landlord to call about tenant and property issues
How do Continuum of Care housing programs help tenants into mainstream life?

Many tenants participate in case management services and others do not.

Case management services include:

  • Securing VA benefits, Medicaid, food stamps
  • A housing stability plan
  • Monthly check-ins based on the plan
  • Transportation and childcare costs
Do Continuum of Care programs do background screens?

People in Continuum of Care programs can get a good place to live. Our programs work with felons, people with evictions, people with no employment history, and people with bad credit.

Our mission is to assist people who cannot enter the mainstream housing market, regardless of their past.

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